The ugly duckling

based on H. Kr. Andersen

The ugly duckling
based on H. Kr. Andersen
for kids 3+ years
Dramatization and directing: Maria Banova
Scenography: Vasil Rokomanov
Puppets: Silva Buchvarova
Music: Dimo Stoyanov (P.I.F.)
Cast: Maia Bejanska, Kamen Asenov, Rumen Gavanozov, Dimitar Ivanov
There, in the yard, in the chicken coop, a young duck snapped into her nest, she was about to hatch her first ducklings ...
Waiting was long ....
And one morning the eggs cracked ... three ducklings popped up ... but the last one was strange, slightly ugly. But it was filled with an eager desire to meet the wide world.
 And if the world was waiting for him ...?

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