The Sold Laughter

by James Croyce

50 min.
Dramatization: Elica Petkova
Director: Elica Petkova
Scenography: Iva Gikova, Ivajlo Nikolov
Music: Plamen Petkov - kompozitor
Puppeteer: Dimitur Dimitrov
Photographer: Maria Angelova
Cast: Yavor Gigov, Georgi Stoyanov, Rumen Gavanozov, Ivan Rajkov, Kamen Asenov, Dimitar Todorov, Dimitar Ivanov, Stefan Dimitrov
Timm Thaler made the deal of his life. He sold his laugh to Baron Lefuet in exchange for the ability to win any bets without limitation. A hell of a deal! The immaculate contract changed the boy’s life beyond recognition!

Timm realizes he has sold the best thing he ever had and rushes in chase of his sold laugh. This trip will change the lives of both parties in the contract!

Duration 50 min.
For children over 6 years


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