The Fisherman and The Golden Fish

Based on tale of Alexander S. Pushkin

for kids over 3 years
55 min.
Copyright show: Magdalena Miteva
Dramatization and directing: Magdalena Miteva
Stage and puppet design: Magdalena Miteva
Music: Vlado Kovachev
Cast: Galina Veselinova, Vencislava Asenova, Stefan Dimitrov, Dimitar Ivanov
We invite you to follow along familiar tale of Pushkin for the Fisherman and the golden fish where history will tangle and unsnarl. Visual spectacle from UV glowing filaments, whose appearance resembles a cartoon.
Story that tells us that the pursuit of material goods by any means and at any cost is something that brings lasting enjoyment of man, but it deviates from the very important things like love and self-discovery that give true meaning to life. The endless desires sometimes interfere with a person to enjoy what has often bear disappointments and suffering.
Black Theatre
Performance for children over 3 years
Duration - 55 min.

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