The Fillyjonk who believed in disasters

based on Tove Jannson

The Fillyjonk who believed in disasters
based on Tove Jannson
55 min.
Screenplay and directing: Petur Todorov
Scenography: Hanna Shvarc
Music: Petya Dimanova
Cast: Desislava Mincheva, Nedelina Roselinova
and the voice of Itsko Finci

Video design - Vladislav Iliev
Choreography - Petya Stoykova

“The Fillyjonk who believed in disasters”  is a performance for people of all ages. It is a beautiful story which in the most poetic and funny way tells us about a weird Fillyjonk who lives alone on a remote northern shore. She is in such a great fear of calamities that practically never go out of her house.

The only living creature around is Gaphsa who is no less strange. Both of them are doomed to be good neighbours but  the Fillyjonk’s fear are a big obstacle.
So, what if the best way to release of your fear is just walk through it?

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