Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling
for kids over 3 years
55 min.
Stage adaptation and staging: Todor Vulov
Scenography: Stefka Kyuvlieva
Music: Elena Metodieva
Cast: Maia Bejanska, Galina Savova, Elena Rusalieva, Marieta Petrova, Kamen Asenov, Georgi Stoyanov
In the remote past and gone times, all elephants had small noses, but ... that was changed forever by the curious little elephant. "Why is that so, big brother? Why is that as it is, Mom?...Why-y-y?..."- Little Elephant would ask the Crocodile. Ever since the elephants have long noses, trunks.

Performance for children over 3 years’ old.

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16 , 12.00(Salon Gurko 14)
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16 , 17.00(Salon Gurko 14)
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САМО събота и неделя - от 10.00 до 14. 00 ч.
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