Elza Laleva

Elza Laleva
for kids 0+ years
45 min.
Director: Elza Laleva
Music: Kristian Boyadzhiev
Stage and puppet design: Stefka Kyuvlieva
Consultant: Petia Atanasova - psychologist
Cast: Galina Savova, Tatyana Etimova, Cvetoslava Simeonova
"Buckets for children, full of games …if you don’t believe it, see for yourself”

Come and see how many things can come out of a little child bucket – a little girl, a bee, a dog and fireflies. Little fears pop up and daisies blossom. There are lessons, too: what you should and shouldn’t do, and a “GIVE ME” and “CAN I?” game. Songs spring, too and even an anti-fear lemonade recipe. It all ends with the sweet dreamy fatigue in a beautiful child room. Isn’t that what we all want?
“LITTLE BUDKET WITH LITTLE SHOVEL” – you lift the cap slightly and a whole child world smiles at you from within!

Elza Laleva
2 to 5-year-old
Duration 45 min.


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