A Diary from the Dungeon

F. M. Dostoyevsky

for adults
Director: Stefan Dimitrov
Set and costumes: Petya Dimitrova, Dimitur Dimitrov
Translation: Lilyana Minkova
Cast: Mila Kolarova, Tigran Torosyan
“Knowing that something better exists that cannot be achieved – that is the tragedy... and above all the conviction that all people are the same and no transformation is needed.”
F. M. Dostoyevsky
One of humanity’s great deceptions is that no matter how many lies we pronounce, no matter how unjust we are in our deeds, we are still convinced we live in a stable world, which is in fact fragile and vulnerable.

„A Diary from the Dungeon”
director Stephan Dimitrov – graduate of NATFA “Kr. Sarafov”, Performing arts directing headed by prof. Krasimir Spasov and assistant Petar Kaukov  

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